Build A Complete Hotel Booking System

 The drag and drop Gantt chart is now Excel. Understand the way today

Gantt charts in Excel have been around for a while, but can you imagine the era when you can add incredible drag and drop capabilities to them? 
Today, I will not only show you, but also show you how to easily create an incredible hotel reservation system. In this week’s training, I brought you one of the most outstanding applications I built with Excel, and in this week’s training, I will immediately do it in front of you. This week’s unique training will show you how
☑️ Create a drag and drop Gantt chart 
☑️Establish a complete hotel reservation system 
☑️Use dynamic colors in shapes 
☑️.. and more
You can download the free Excel hotel booking application workbook through the following link:
You can also watch the training right here on YouTube: 

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